how often should you replace your toothbrush?

How Often Should You Be Replacing Your Toothbrush?

Practicing good oral hygiene goes far beyond just brushing twice a day and flossing. Oral hygiene also includes using the right products and replacing them frequently. A toothbrush is a product that is used consistently to scrub all the dirt and bacteria out of your mouth. So, how often should it be replaced? Keep reading to find out. Replacing your... read more »

Whitening Your Teeth: Good or Bad?

It’s hard not to want to whiten your teeth when every celebrity you see has pearly whites. Toothpaste brands and other companies explain what we can do to prevent staining, but how can we whiten them in a safe way?  We’ve all heard the rumor that whitening your teeth is bad for them, but is this a fact or a... read more »

Quick Facts About Root Canals

A root canal may sound scary and intimidating, but it’s not! Root canals are quick and easy procedures that will improve your comfort in the long run, all while saving the natural tooth. Ease your nerves about getting a root canal by learning what it is and how the procedure is performed. What is a root canal? Root canals are... read more »

SureSmile aligners in Milwaukee

Here’s Why You Need SureSmile Aligners

As technology improves, so do the options for straightening your teeth. SureSmile Aligners are a new and improved option to straighten your teeth. While metal braces can be painful, inconvenient, and a big hassle, SureSmile Aligners offer a simpler process that won’t hold you back. Learn more about SureSmile and talk to your dentist about treatment plans. What are SureSmile... read more »