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What Your Tongue Says About Your Overall Health

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tips for a healthy tongue from Wauwatosa dentists

Our mouths tell us a lot about our body’s overall health. Whether it be the throat, tonsils, teeth, gums, or tongue, any abnormalities are essential to take a look at. So whether your tongue looks healthy or abnormal right now, it’s a good idea to check out the information below to help you diagnose an issue when it occurs. 


The color of your tongue can tell you a lot about your body’s overall health. Check out what the color of your tongue means:

  • Pink: a healthy tongue
  • Red: may indicate a fever or hormonal imbalance
  • Red/purple: a sign of infection in the body or inflammation 
  • Light pink: a sign of vitamin deficiency, weak immune system, or lack of energy


Tongues often get a coating on them as a sign of other bodily issues. It’s essential to pay attention to the coating because it can tell you a lot about what your body may be experiencing. Here’s what the coating on your tongue may be telling you.

  • Thick coating: poor intestinal health or digestive issues
  • Yellowish coating: infection in the body
  • Gray or blackish coating: long-term digestive disorder or a serious condition
  • Thick white coating: poor circulation to the extremities or yeast infection


Believe it or not, the shape of your tongue can change when your body lacks certain elements. Check out what the shape of your tongue means:

  • Scalloped edges/puffy: may indicate malabsorption of nutrients
  • Thin: a sign of dehydration

If your tongue or mouth is showing any odd symptoms you are concerned about, visit Dr. Matthew Sandberg at Firefly Family Dentistry as soon as possible. It’s essential to get these abnormalities checked out right away to keep your body in its best health! Schedule your appointment today by calling 414-258-8190!